A Day in the Life: Behind the Counter at The Sanctuary

Morning Rush

As I unlock the doors of The Sanctuary at 9 AM sharp, I can already see a few eager customers waiting outside. Our CBD store in Sacramento has become quite popular, and mornings are always bustling.

First Tasks

My day begins with:

  • Checking inventory
  • Restocking shelves
  • Ensuring all products are properly labeled

Midday Consultations

By noon, the shop is filled with a diverse crowd. Some are regulars from Roseville, while others have driven from as far as Folsom. As a budtender, my role is to guide customers through our selection of cannabis products, answering questions and offering recommendations.

Common Inquiries

Frequent questions include:

  • “What’s the best strain for anxiety?”
  • “Do you have any edibles suitable for beginners?”
  • “Can you explain the difference between THC and CBD?”

Afternoon Deliveries

Around 3 PM, we receive a shipment of new products. It’s exciting to unpack and catalog the latest offerings from our suppliers. Today, we’ve got a fresh batch of locally-sourced edibles from a small producer in Citrus Heights.

Evening Wind-Down

As the day comes to a close, I spend time tidying up the store and preparing for tomorrow. It’s satisfying to reflect on the many customers we’ve helped today, from the first-time visitor from West Sacramento to the medical marijuana patient from Represa.

Working at The Sanctuary isn’t just a job; it’s an opportunity to educate and assist people in finding natural alternatives for their wellness needs. As I lock up and head home, I’m already looking forward to another day of serving our community.